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Curriculum Maps

Staff carefully choose topics that engage children’s imagination and encourage a desire to learn for themselves.  We support children to develop their independence and resilience by taking risks and trying new learning experiences.

All of our topics start with an ‘entry point’ where staff choose an exciting way for the topic to begin, this may be a trip, investigating something or finding something exciting out on the playground.

We encourage the children to actively participate in their learning by completing an ‘information harvest’ where we ask the questions “What do you already know?”, “What would you like to find out?”.

Each topic finishes with an ‘exit point’ where the children end their topic in an exciting way such as showing a PowerPoint to their parents or showing their learning at the Penhale Museum.

We try to create a cross curricular curriculum to help children build on their previous skills and knowledge and make links across all areas of learning.  Our working walls and displays show our enriching curriculum in our classrooms.


Here is an overview of the topic we cover:

  AutumnTerm 1 SpringTerm 2 SummerTerm 3


What can I do ?

Traditional Tales

Why do we celebrate Christmas ?

Who helps us ?

How many patterns can you see?

Jungle theme & our environment

What do we need to grow?Under the sea

Keeping healthy


Clownfish, Starfish, Jellyfish

All About Me

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt


Fireworks – Art week

Books we love – Author focus – Julia Donaldson

Where We Live

Let’s Celebrate

Under the Sea


People Who Help Us

Down at he Farm

Traditional Tales

Life Cycles

How To Keep Healthy


Year 1

Orca, Angelfish, Turtles

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Freeze it!



How does your garden grow?

Healthy Humans


Dolphins, Swordfish, Sharks

Time Detectives

The stories people tell

Animal Adventures

Dungeons and Dragons

Turrets and Tiaras

 The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark