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School Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Further information about how our Trust and schools are taking necessary precautions since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, can be found in our Trust’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) website section’.

To help families through lockdown and social distancing, new articles on Parent Info tackle some of the key issues they are experiencing, including:

Separated parents managing arrangements to see their child
Supporting teens to cope with lockdown
Looking after their mental health while stuck indoors
Starting difficult conversations about COVID-19 with your child


Headteacher: Mrs A Webb

Deputy Headteacher: Miss C Morris

SENCo: Mrs C Filson


Nursery  – Sea Horse Class

Nursery Manager: Mrs C Filson

Nursery Teacher: Mrs P Johnson (Wednesdays)

Teaching Assistants: Miss N Paffett and Mrs D Stickland


Reception Foundation Stage

Clownfish Class

Teacher: Miss MacDonald

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J White

Starfish Class

Teachers: Mrs N Doig (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday)  and Mrs Johnson (Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Martin

Jellyfish Class

Teacher: Mrs F Baxter

Teaching Assistant: Miss M Hargreaves


Year One

Angelfish Class

Teacher: Mrs R Turish

Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Tozer


Turtle Class

Teacher: Miss J Khanam

Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Hamer Mrs M Ahmed


Year Two

Swordfish Class

Teacher: Mrs N Royston (Monday Tuesday) and Mrs C Young (Wednesday Thursday Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Champney


Dolphin Class

Teacher: Mrs A Lempriere (Monday Tuesday Wednesday) and Mrs Everitt (Thursday Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Heap


Shark Class

Teacher: Mrs Young (Monday Tuesday) and Mrs Ward (Wednesday Thursday Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Ms C Hall



Mrs P Johnson – Teaching across year groups


Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Warner – ELSA/SEN Support

Mrs S Smith – SEN Support

Mrs S Nicholls – SEN Support


Administrative Staff

Admin/Finance Manager: Mrs K Donnelly

Admin/SIMS Officer: Mrs S Cake

Admin Assistant: Mrs B Phillips

Home School Link Worker: Mrs Helen Corkill


Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr B Glanville



Mrs H Sartin

Mrs N Kubanova

Mrs K Patten

Mrs M Levitt

Miss N Paffett

Ms N Franks


Supervisory Assistants

Mrs B Dandy

Ms R Collier-Baker

Mrs J Edwards

Mrs R Fair

Mrs N Glass

Mrs I Selmikaitis Hypolito

Mrs T Sultana

Mrs C Webb

Mrs E Moore (Nursery)