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English includes Spoken Language, Reading and Writing.  Speaking and listening skills are strongly encouraged as we want our children to develop a wide vocabulary.  Children need to be able to express themselves clearly and confidently as well as listening to the views of others.  These skills are also important for reading and writing.  English is taught on a daily basis and often through topic work which helps the children to make links between different subjects.


We encourage children to consider themselves as writers as soon as they join us.  They will be given opportunities to write for different people and different purposes.  The sounds of letters are taught as well as the names.  Learning the sounds that letters make helps the children with both spelling and reading.  The age and ability of the child is taken into consideration as well as the purpose of the writing.


We aim for children to enjoy maths and to develop their understanding by practical experiences, problem solving, investigations and by teaching the rules of Mathematics.  Maths is taught on a daily basis, making connections to the world around us. A focus is placed on developing the children’s ability to explain and reason.  Maths models.


Children use the computer as an aid to learning and, at the same time, develop computer skills.  This is an extremely important area of learning in this technological world.  Laptops and ipads  are available for children to use as well as cameras, control technology, and Inter Active whiteboards.  Online and E-safety Leaflet.

Design Technology

Design and Technology is another method of solving problems.  Children are encouraged to think independently and to learn that trial and error is an important part of learning.


Music plays an important part in school life.  Both the joy of singing and the pleasure in playing musical instruments are encouraged within lessons.  Children are able to choose to join the school choir when they are in Year 2.  The choir represents the school in many venues across the city.  Reception and Y1 children also have opportunities to take part in music events with other schools.  Every class in the school  has the opportunity to work with a music specialist once a week.

Personal, Social and Health Education

We have a structured approach to PSHE and use ‘Circle Time’ throughout the school to give pupils the opportunity to explore issues together in PSHE.  Values such as understanding, forgiveness, equality and kindness underpin our approach.  Included in the area of P.S.H.E. children are taught about personal and social values, keeping safe, relationships and hygiene standards in an informal way, this is part of our sex and relationships policy.  Emphasis is placed on relationships with each others, respect for oneself and keeping safe.  With children of a young age this is done in the very broadest sense.  If any parent has concerns regarding this please talk to the Head teacher.

Physical Education

Children are given the opportunity to engage with a PE curriculum which provides opportunities to become physically confident through sports and games, gymnastics and dance.  Every class in KS1 works with a PE specialist once a week. A sports week, where children are encouraged to compete, is held once a year.

History and Geography

History and Geography is taught through a topic approach across the school, a different topic is taught every half term which links to the national curriculum – please see the Curriculum map.


The school science programme is based on a practical approach.  We encourage children to ask questions, experiment, record what they have discovered and make conclusions.  Much of the Science curriculum is taught through topic work. Science is taught using the Science Pathways for KS1 and the Foundation Stage Curriculum subject area of Knowledge and Understanding Of the World.   All children are provided with the opportunity to work outside in The Wild Area with the Eco Ranger to gain first hand experience and contextualise their scientific experiences.