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The School has a colour banded reading scheme which provides the children with the opportunity to read from a range of texts and a mixture of reading schemes.  The individual reading books are sorted into their book band colours and have a coloured sticker indicating the book band level. The children progress through the book bands and are regularly assessed to ensure that they are reading at the right level. Teachers and teaching assistants teach reading through individual reading and in groups known as “guided reading“.  Individual reading books are changed regularly and sent home. Guided reading books remain at school.

Guided Reading

In school, the principles of Guided Reading are used to improve and extend the reading skills of each child. Children are placed into groups of 6 or less enabling the teacher to tailor the teaching to the needs of each group. Guided Reading allows teachers to give immediate feedback on success and the opportunity to discuss further areas for improvement. The goal of guided reading is to enable learners to become independent, able to read, understand and appreciate texts on their own without the teacher’s help. In small groups the teacher can observe each child’s behaviour to see the process by which they are creating meaning from the text and then offer prompts to develop strategies.

Each class teacher guides the children through the text, providing signposts to the most important and most helpful features of the textual landscape. Guided Reading takes place daily with a range of different activities completed by each group, for example, group reading with teacher/teaching assistant comprehension challenges, phonics or handwriting activities as well as ICT games or reading a range of books by an author or on a theme.

Shared Reading

In addition to guided reading, children in KS1 also taught to read using shared reading. This is when the whole class reads together using the same text usually displayed on the interactive white board, this gives the children the opportunity to be exposed to a higher vocabulary level and more challenging text.

Reading at Home

We believe the teaching of reading is greatly helped if there is strong communication between parents and teachers. From Early Years the children take home a book banded reading book, which will be suitable for the child’s reading ability to read at home and in school during individual reading time. It is very important that you hear your child read every day and we use incentives to encourage your child to be a “Regular Reader”.

You will be encouraged to join our “Reading Together Club” when you are able to come into school and share a book with your child in their classroom. These sessions take place on:

Tuesday  and Thursday from 8.45 am.